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The day I felt sad that I'm not married yet

Congratulations to Mrs. Jan and Mr. Mon for their baby girl, Jasmine.

I was so overwhelmed with joy when I saw the picture on her YM. I was so happy as though I was the one who gave birth. Its really amazing how pictures of babies can give you happiness. Itu belum lagi main dengan baby, kan?

Babies, they have no sin. That's probably why we find peace in us just by looking at their faces. They still have no hijab. Their unconcious side is still open. Therefore, whatever you say to the baby will affect them sooner or later.

Actually, the unconcious side of the baby is already open even as early as 3 months towards 9 months in their mummy's belly. That is why mothers....Beware of the tounge. Whatever you say or do will affect the baby. That is also why, education to your child starts during pregnancy stage. The baby is learning from their mother at very very early stage.
Some may not be aware, but, this is why in Islam, pregnant mothers are adviced to read the Quran more often during their pregnancy period. And it is told that certain Surah in the Quran have certain affects to the child. For example Surah Al Fatihah, Yusuf, Maryam, At Taubah, Luqman.
And one thing for sure, though I always dream of having my own child....Of course, I have to get married first...

Child is a trust from Allah.
Child is a gift from Allah.

Therefore, longing for it and actually having it is one big difference in feeling and also responsibility.
Are you ready? Am I ready? Allah knows best.

Buat masa ini, kalau bukan rezeki Allah nak beri pada kita nikmat berkeluarga.... Apa yang boleh saya buat? Tumpang kasih dengan kawan-kawan yang sudah dikurniakan rezeki itu. Hehehe....

So, my dear friends out there.... Nak main ngan baby korang buleh tak?
I sanggup jadi Babysitter F.O.C....hehehe

Mrs.J & Mr.Mon


azya said...

kawaiii ~!
send my regards to them and say congratulation too,ok?


AM said...

alaa cantiknya mata dia!

jannah said...

bila mai nihon nanti.. dtg la umah kami .. leh main ngan jasmine..:D