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Life is beautiful when you try to see it beautifully

Woke up at 5:30 am realizing I had my contact lenses on all the time. 2nd time in this week. Its either fatigue or just plain forgetfullness. Hmmm... Today's big agenda: Wedding ceremony in Shah Alam (Mom's friend) and hantar lunch Abg at work...hehehe...

I was so glad that positive results showed this morning. His sleep disorder problem somehow stopped somewhere yesterday after Ustaz Nazri read him a number of ayat Al-Quran from picked surah. One of it, advised by him was Surah Taubah. Will study more on to this Surah.

It is really amazing when you have the chance to see how Doktor Islam do their work. If you go to the hospital, first, they'll check your pulse, heart beat, your tonsils, body temperature etc. Whereas Doktor Islam asks your name, the syndrom of the problem and your birthday.

At hospital, the doctor gives you a list of drug prescription, you buy medicine and consume it. Doktor Islam makes a list of Ayat Al Quran (Mom said they are Ayat2 Syifa') prescription and reads/applies it to you.

The interesting part about it is that once you finish your science medicine dosage, but fail to regain health, you go to the doctor again and take on more. While with the Al-Quran, you have it with you,F.O.C and with practice Insyaallah.

Both are similar method yet different in some sense. Isn't it wonderful to see things in different views? Subhanallah.


azya said...

ur bf ada sakit ke??

kouchan143 said...

baru jer sakit...well, improving rite now...

biasela...some areas in the kilang is somehow "keras"
(sampai i sendiri pon xsedar...hehe)