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CNY Holls

Chinese New Year....4 days of holidays...*yeah!!*

This year's CNY was spent whole in Perak...hehehe...

1. Congratulations to Ratna and Amir on their wedding!

- Ratna's my collegue and she'll be having her wedding hols all week starting next week...*bestnyer*

2. Finally got to meet the amazing and cute, Shafiqah Atirah...Abg's anak buah...

- Debab's first baby and outstandingly a good girl. She doesn't mind being left at home with Atok when her parents go ronggeng somewhere in Lumut. She doesn't cry most of the time and can easily be held by almost everyone.

3. The best part is spending time with Abg. Cari penawar and stuff.

- Yes, he had been sick and I know this is a combination of both spritual and basic modern health problems. Inappropriate diet for starters. And tempat kerja yang keras. Plus a slight unidentified "stress" problem.

But, all in all, we were lucky to find the warmth of kampung people so healthy. All tried to help in each ways. Some don't even charge us anything. They just wanted to help and this experience was so touching.

Although preceptions had been made that "orang kampung" berfikiran kolot etc... I think they still potrait the best basic of adat Melayu of helping others in need. *sungguh membina!*

Dah lama sebenarnya tak merasa kebaikan orang2 Melayu kita di kampung since saya sudah tiada kampung. Jiran pon di bandar tak bertegur sapa sangat. Masing2 sibuk dengan kerja dan jadual harian. Semangat berjiran itu, I believe agak kurang di bandar berbeza dengan kampung. "Cheh! ckp pon mcm org puteh kacuk Melayu gituh...hahahaha"

Yang penting right now, is that Abg's health is improving. I hope it will continue to improve and stay constant, the positive way.

Not to forget, yang penting di pelajari after spending 4 days in kampung style... I don't really care about nyamuk, lalat, semut, cicak etc...okay, tolak lipas la...belum bersedia lagi...

Dah, esok kerja...I wanna spend the few hours of holiday relaxing at home...peace!


AyinEmran said...

semoga abang fieza cepat sembuh. kalau ada masa gi la darul syifa', ustaz harun din ada hari selasa. selain selasa, anak murid dia je.

fieza said...

thanks Ayin!

Pernah dgr about darul syifa'... 1st time dulu pernah berubat dgn anak buahnya, Ustaz Nazri...Malam ni insyaAllah dgn Ustaz Rasyidi pula...dgr kata anak buah ustaz harun din juga..

Will try to go for Cikgu Besar bila ada masa..Thanks!

Anonymous said...

mak ko tekejut, i thot they were your hands the moment i saw them in the photo ( with the rings,henna n ev'thing)! was about to shout [ YOOU!! KAWIN TAK HABAQ!!] hehehe

fieza said...


I really2 wished they were my hands though :p

Kawin mesti habaq no! Satu Msia cek habaq...heheh