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E-dymium bio-magnetic affect

Teh & Me

Venue: Vegetarian restaurant, SS2

Pic taken my Miyake-kun

Was just back from 7-E...And right after explaining to dad how suitable amount of exposure of magnetic field can give good affect to individual health condition...I still need to do more research though...I know the good affect of this magnet bracelet ppl are talking about even before A.C Mizal kinda like give a commercial value to it on t.v...But, to sell information, I have to see it from the buyer side of view... What are buyers' concern point? Health, guarantee and long term affect...

To tell you the trush, I am still incapable of answering these questions, but I' m doing my homework...

Like they say...This is not a product selling era, but more to Information selling era... Ferrari doesn't make a fortune through selling their cars...Their cars suck at price *damn expensive!* But, they excell in selling technology and information...That's more important..."well, at least to me"

Do check out my homework on bio-magnetic affect to human body and tell me what do you think?

Study notes on bio-magnetic affect to human body

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