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Thank you Jalan TAR

Date of Aqad & Resepsi: 13th July 2008 (Sunday)

Aqad Venue: Masjid Darul Ehsan, Subang Jaya

Resepsi Venue: SS15 Subang Jaya

Lovely pic taken at Semua House....Love the expression of Nyorq and Yong behind. By the way, tangan on the right side of pic was Nabe's hand...Thank you so much for you support and ideas untuk memilih baju. Tomorrow ingat nak hantar kain pi kedai...Buy cloth for bridegroom side wedding and send it to the taylors. Not much to say lately about the preparations...I just hope that everything turns out well. Right now, I'm concerntrating on after marrige life. Nak cari rumah etc. How will I cope finance with him? etc...

Therefore....I am currently searching for other extra income oppertunities. Anyone interested in joining me?



AyinEmran said...

congrats dear!! it's on my birtdate u going to tie the knot. hopefully dpt balik, kalau ada rezeki. gudlak with all the preparation. it's gonna be a lot of fun!!

kouchan143 said...

hehehe...what a coincidence!! Semoga dpt balik dan dpt datang...Thank you!

AM said...

woah the most exciting part of a wedding! the preparation! enjoy it! :D

owh, and thanks babe, for coming to mine :)