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Married Lifestyle, kah?

Good morning! hehehe...Look at how early I'm updating...and may I remind's a Sunday. Baru sahaja miokuri (read: hantar) Abg di depan gate. Yup, Overtime. Takpelah...dah rezeki dia O.T...hehe...

One of the few changes or my lifestyle after married is rising up early on weekend mornings. During single, weekends used to be heaven on earth for me to oversleep until noon...But after having a partner in the house, waking up early on weekends are the best! Its even fresher than waking up late in the afternoon. And believe me... Subang Jaya still has fresh air, of course limited until 9am.

Apa saya buat bangun awal?-(on weekends)

1. Buka gate untuk Abg. Make sure he swallows Vitamin C and minyak ikan. Make sure he brings enough mineral water to survive at least until 4pm.

2. Jalan-jalan di halaman rumah. Check on the kittens. Tambah catfood, if perlu.

3. Wash remaining dishes from yesterday, jika ada.

4. Cook breakfast (limited weekends only. Plus depends on my mood)- Btw, semalam i cooked nasi lemak. Saje test skill mase kat Jepun dulu. Nampaknyer skill xberkarat lagi. Oh, kerana terlampau excited skill masak nasi lemak tak berkarat lagi, i packed-kan Abg bentou (read:bekalan) and send it to his place.

5. Wash clothes. (Of course termasuk menyidai, angkat semula dan melipat. Which eventually ends in the evening)...Atarashii hakken! (read: New findings)-> Semalam 1st time belajar me-nila-kan baju. I xpernah in my whole life used nila. I didn't even know kene buat manually *duh!* Bleach I know only to rendam it. Of course, semuanya saya belajar dari Abg saya. heehheh...*merengek juga saya bila dengar kena buat manual...hehe*

6. Selepas settle semuanya... Foot treatment! Dah buat appointment dengan my beautician to come over and service my foot. Dia kata, berbeza from before i got married. At certain parts, kulit kaki dah mengeras and tumit sudah mula kering. "Ni mesti dah start buat kerja di dapur nih...hehe" -> her comment.

Of course on weekdays saya tidak berpeluang untuk buat semua di atas. Work is still work in the office. But, extra activities at home seems not to be a hassle anymore. I don't know...feeling je ke? or sekarang je ker? *i hope not* Of course, mak saya berpuas hati dengan perubahan ini. :)

On weekdays, I only get to cook bentou early in the morning for both of us if we work the same shift. If we work different shifts? I have to answer that to you next week. Tak experience lagi la...So, onwards, I'm going to upgrade my bentou skills! Yelah, kalau dah beli sampai 2-3 buku resepi/skill bentou, takkan nak buat pekasam saja buku tuh, kan?hehehe... Its time to get those arms moving..

Btw, Didie's going home today (I mean, back to Japan). Her flight is late night. Due to arrive at KLIA at 6:30pm... Nak miokuri ke tidak? Need to ask Abg and re-confirm with Anie. *Anie...balaslah sms!* Till then peeps! I nak start tukar cadar katil. hahaha... * I still can't believe I would write something like this! Dah jadi macam ibu2 pulak...hehhe*



Anonymous said...

ii naaaaa..kekkon seikatsu tte..
yaritai naa hehe

-azian yori-

AM said...

hehehe "macam ibu-ibu". comel je.

AM said...

rajinnya dia :D