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Panas di awal pagi?

Kenapa tak tidur lagi? ( Sing along version Jangan Tidur Lagi pls...)

This is considered awal pagi kan? 12:56AM. Terjaga sebab teringat tak makan ubat lagi. Sambil2 tuh tgk graph. Sigh. Sejak akhir2 ini asyik ter-miss signal aje. Dahla waktu2 yang sgt mudah untuk aku check. Takpelah probably masih bukan rezeki aku. Cuma, selepas ini aku akan lebih berdisiplin dalam waktu online.

Fatigue has lately visits me very often. It comes usually after work. "Assyyiikkk naaakk tidooooo aje..." kata Abg. I just couldn't help it. Dou suru? Aifuru.. Dahla esok Tuty takde 2 hari. Pergi course. Memang aku merayap kat PP2/Solid Work saja lah nampaknye.

Remember my new target in the previous entry? Ya..part yg nak master Solid Works tuh.. Bab 2D and drawing, I'm very used to it ever since during Uni years. So, basic 3D? Shouldn't be a big problem. And guess what? Sangat menyeronokkan! And who said 3D susah sgt nak belajar?heheh (Cheh! baru habis basic tutorial dah berlagak...ciss)

Let's change the topic here.

Got a call at 4:30 pm today from St**lc*se. Wah! So fast meh? They wanted to do a phone interview with me. Oh dear, aku dahla dekat production masa tuh. It was very noisy and she sounded very curious whether she's disturbing me or not. So I told her that she could call me tomorrow since the interview will take about 20 to 30 minutes.

Just curious to concerned are American company to hire a 4 month pregnant mommy-to-be-engineer? I know Japs wouldn't take me in. What to do? But, American companies? They are very new to me. Haven't had the slightest clue. Though my mom did work in IBM HR for 22 years. I still dare not ask. But, tomorrow...I will state out clearly that I'm preggy. Plus, I'm an expensive engineer..heheh

Okayah...I'm off to sleep. Esok pagi2 buat schedule. STRICT schedule of being online. I need to be more dicipline. Since I will end up being extra tired with no schedule.

Good nite/ morning, shall I say?

P/S: Jeles tgk Abg tido nyenyak! Its hard to fall asleep lately.

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