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My Best Friend Wedding

Congratulations to Mas Ayu and Alfian on your marriage!
Selamat Pengantin Baru! Semoga berbahagia sepanjang hayat!

I am so happy for my friend. Mas Ayu is my best friend since standard 5 in SRSS 19. We spent almost all the time at school together. After Primary school, we got separated since I went to STF and she stayed on in Subang. But we still keep in contact onwards after that. And it's a long lasting friendship. (^-^)

I remembered after PMR results, when we grooved Sunway Pyramid going in and out every restaurant just eating chicken soup at each one.ngeehee.

Well basically, we share almost all problems including love, life and family stuff. Oh, btw, both my mom and Mas mom are acquainted ever since she and her mom went to Japan for vacation in 2002..hehe.. I was there at that I helped them around. Although sometimes we do lost contact, I know that she'll always be there for me and I'll always spare my time and effort for her. ( sweet!)

We also got our dreams come true. We made a promise that we will always inform each other if we have a bf and promised to get married at the same time. Well, not actually same day...but in the same year...and it did happen! She got married 4 months after me. I hope she would be pregnant ASAP...heheh..Then we would deliver together next year...(My personal angan2...jgn mare)

So, yesterday....she got her dream wedding at Dewan Besar Tengku Rahah, Yayasan Tun Razak, KL. (believe me, we went to the pameran perkahwinan together early this year- with both our mothers- and she had really eyed on the venue ever since) Mas is really an early planner! Of course much2 better than I am. hehe (I'm the gambler type)

It was a combined wedding of both Mas and her hubby. I attended with Abg. And guess who I met?!! My Division General Manager, En. Zul Selamat! Oh my! I was not expecting to see him. Abg, in the meantime was mumbling to me how he had seen Alfian somewhere before. I just told him that its probably someone who resembled him in tv or something until the MC read Alfian's biodata...

Jeng...jeng...jeng... (suspense betul)

Alfian once worked in the factory I'm working right now for 1 year before he moved to Shell. duh! Padan lah Abg macam kenaaaaaall aje mamat nih! He was an engineer at Tuner Division and at that time, En. Zul Selamat was working at that division too. Ceh! Its a small...smaaaalll....wooorrrllldd (Sila nyanyi dgn intonasi yg sepatutnya) According to Abg what the MC told the audience about his characteristic has not changed ever since when he worked here at my place. Cool, lone ranger...selalu sorang2...bukan jenis huha-huha...but friendly with everyone tidak mengira status pekerjaan mereka. (a good characteristic that Double H should learn!)

Abg was happy in the end...Plus he was glad that the wedding was not full of protocol, despite Mas kawin dgn anak Dato'...hehehe..Lauk adalah sangat sedaaaap!! Daging dendeng sangat best! Abg makan menggunung nasi. Overall it was SUPERB! Tak rugi Mas arrange and plan awal2..I am sooo happy for her!

I wonder who's next in the line of getting married. Teh-chan? (I'm very interested to go to a Chinese wedding...belum pernah pergi lagi...heheh) & Indian weddings! But, most of my Indian friends masih belum mahu kawin lagikk!! huhu..

Betul kata Anie...sebenarnye lagi seronok kawan dtg wedding..instead of kasi hadiah sahaja...But of course, kadang2 memang dapat nak pergi tuh...shouganai la kan? Kita jumpa di lain masa pula..Buat masa nih ade 2 wedding yang agak regret xdpt attend...which are Ieyma and Maruk...Sorang masa jemput tuh balik kampung kat Perak and sorang lagi jemputan kat Kedah (jauh sgt la beb! - hubby pon kerje...sobsob)

Tapi, yang penting adalah doa saya dari jauh demi kebahagiaan kamu semua, dear friends. hehehe...(syoknye ayat...)-> Pinjam ayat collegue yang kawin kat Kelantan on the 4th day of Raya this year.

Okaylah...nak tgk Keroro kat tv nih...lepas nih Melodi plak...(interested nak tahu pasal Abby ngan Norman...iskisk...) maybe lepas nih nak melepak dekat MPH kot...cari motivational books sebagai bahan bacaan. Adioss...



Shopping Cabin said...

hi..jom tengok baju chomel2 dan menarik kt blog saya! oh and it's cheap too!!

azya said...

wah wah wah.
dah tukar skin.
dah rajin updet.
penangan lappie baru kot? heheh

sori ari tu aku tak sempat nak sms panjang2 ngan ko.aku tgh facial masa tu..btw, sekarang ni tader kosong lg la..kalau ada nanti..aku roger k :)

kouchan143 said...

Hohoho...Thank you Thank you!

No problem. Please do inform me, ya? Sudah tiba masanya untuk berubah arah. Quite late though, I think.

Tapi takpelah...No hurt in trying.

Rajin update? hehe...Just got the hang of it. Internet laju...keskes..
Bestnye gih facial...I want to go too...huhu