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My happiness

Notice the small things that make you happy. Notice the 2 heart shapes in the miso-soup? Couldn't help not to take picture of it. Really made my day.hehe

Inspired by Didie-chan and Azian... I think I should share more of my happiness instead of grudge and disappointments. Lately, been having trouble to cope with changes in work style, company progress etc. Although Obama did won the President election, investors are still waiting for his first move before making their decisions to invest or not...So, economically still not improving especially to companies like the one I'm working for which depends somewhat or more to US market. (Alamak...cerita xbest la plak)

So lately, my only happiness at work is resume updating...hehe...Why?

It eventually reminds me of the real me. The me which had big goals and target. The inspiring me. The honest, hardworking me.

My current company trained me well. Very well. Techniques and skills at the edge of my fingers and knowledges far beyond technical terms. Knowledges of life. But lately, it seems that I have seen the end of it. It is no more inspiring to me. Less motivation. Less of everything.

I am happy and glad that everything I learned within my working years, I learned it the hard way. Because, it sticks in my head...forever.

My ex-collegue once told me that, "Quit when you are not learning anything anymore here". So, I'm taking her advice. But before that, I'm spending my last few months..(who knows?) learning and developing the last few skills that I envy people having it, but did not have the oppertunity to learn it due to out of my job scope.

My target before I leave.

1. Learn and master Solid Works
2. Learn Purchasing matters from DR / Purchasing people
3. Learn a bit of DR regarding Sales
4. Read more motivational books
5. Spend more of my time being HAPPY!

A few things that make me happy.

My baby! Taken at 13 weeks old. The doctor was showing the heart beat, I think.

The monthly Wak Sarip's soto (only available until 10 am/day)-Best in Klang!

The RM9.90 mini-table fan. Powered by USB cable. Akak Costing tolong belikan.

Best motivational friend.

Beloved hubby! Lately, very keen on economical market since I introduced him to broadband. heheh

My best friend during pregnancy. Syok tau pakai crocs. Boleh berjalan dgn selesa walaupon berat badan bertambah...Osusume desu!

Farewell speech.Urrggghhh!! Tak sabarnye...ngeehee

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