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Don't eat kambing masa tgh pening!

Pening-pening kepala sudah datang...Orang kata agak lambat. Sepatutnya awal2 dulu pening2 nih...Agaknya kambing masala tadi kot yang menambahkan angin nih...Tuh yg tak henti2 pening dari semalam. *sigh*

Lately, I'm having trouble sleeping at night. Bukan main internet pon...tapi still susah nak tidur. Orang kata, biasalah...tgh mengandung nih..But, I have to go to work early everday...and its not really a nice condition to be in when you have to go to work. Due to lack of sleep, I had to cut off the "talking", unnecessary "walking" etc...Tapi, dudk lama2 kat kerusi pon buat sakit badan aje... *sigh*

Lately, I prefer sleeping leaning on my left side. I wasn't bias on chosing side to sleep in, but, last 3 days when I slept the whole night on my right side, there's this pain on the right side of stomach (area usus & baby) everytime I pull my right leg up (masa nak mandi la paling rasa). The pain is still there, I still dunno why. But, to ease the pain, currently sleeping ONLY on left side.

Lately juga...Tak boleh bongkok sangat. As if I'm giving pressure to the baby. Macam mengurangkan space untuk dia bergerak2. Means, makan bersila di atas lantai adalah agak sukar. Especially the bending your body part. Lebih selesa kalau angkat pinggan sambil makan...tapi not so nice lorr...since I only eat atas lantai kat rumah mertua sahaja. :P

That is my current pregnancy health condition. Kalau2 ada yang nak ambil tahu la kan.

Other than that, I went to PE*MA Appreciation Dinner 2008 today. Ku gagahkan jua badan yang xberapa sihat nih. Yerla, depa dah tulis nama, dah siap bayar, nanti rugi cianla pulak...

Annual dinner is something a company has to organize despite any economical circumstances. This is because the workers are not 100% responsible for the economy downturn. Therefore, appreciation must be given doesn't matter in what kind of form it will be. So, even though my company is going through cost down processes, low sales etc. (like all other company too) I think they managed to pull up something nice for the workers. Well done!

The guy in white hair from the back sitting down is my Factory Head, Yayama-chan. hehe

The guy in the screen is my MD, Mr. Iwase. He likes to give long letters and speeches.

The winning prize. This year tiada Gold Award...Silver paling tinggi.
Actually, I was a bit awkward to see the team name. I have no idea about the Encoder, but why am I selected to become one of the team? Rupa2nya, bila tanya team leader, the biggest share of the prize comes from VR contribution of F cost, which was what PP2 and I worked our butts off the whole previous year. Barulah rasa lega sket kan...hehe

Lucky they had my name and SN right this time...Kalau tidak, memang aku tukar kerja dengan Pon, maji desu!

So, itulah cerita untuk hari ini despite aku MC...tidur dari pagi td lepas balik klinik sampai 3 pm... Tapi mata still ngantuk jugak nih... Well, off to sleep. Tomorrow's another big jalan2 day. I hope everything's gonna be fine, Insyaallah!

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