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Oh, how romantic! hehehe

Received this from Pon today. Cute! The smart and romantic sperm. *sigh*

I'm updating my Raya Qurban schedule today. Big possibility I'm not going to JB this weekend. Daddy suddenly doesn't want to go and mom is not really satisfied with the answer. He wanted my brother to come along...But then, suddenly it became too crowdy. So, I decided not to go lorr... Sorry Uncle Black! But, crampy long hour drive? Even in a Sonata pon I tak tahan. But mom couldn't talk into dad going...(some communication breakdown there) Alaa...mama cakap jerla Din kena kerja weekend nih...ganti orang ker... And then she laughed! *ala-ala bohong sunat*

Anyway, haven't told Abg about this...Jap lagi tepon lah...So, most probably, would be able to go to PD...If mom permits it. Since whoever stays back at home will have to take care of grandma...*sigh*

Well, apa2 pon discussion with Abg first.

And, good early sleep. I hope Abg could sleep tonight.

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