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Sudah 10 inci :)

Lately baby sangat cergas bergerak sana sini...I mean, it has been kicking even more frequently this week. Mommy changes? Sudah mula sakit2 belakang. Just now I tried taking a look on my posture. Wow... Big butt...Big tummy...No wonder backache. Especially when I walked a lot today.

Walked around searching for big bosses signature for approval. *sigh* Kejar sana sini. Banyak menunggu. Well, its part and parcel of work life. Bukan selalu pon kena buat approval...For me, once a year, maybe? Tapi, that once a year means critical change lorr... Kasi bergegaq sikit kilang tuh...heh.

Right now still brushing up my skills and knowledge for rules & regulation (detailed ones) Kalau tak, macam mana nak guide Tuty-chan nanti. hehe.. Teyuka...sono maeni nihon ni kenshu sasetai naa...Tuty-chan ni 1-kai gurai... mottainai kalu xpergi. Keiken to resume no kazari ssu...huhuh

Ape nih...cerita pasal kerja pulak...Dahla 9 hours at office everyday...balik rumah pon still ckp psl kerja...*sigh*

Anyway, this week pon Abg kerja malam. Ganti orang. Other than that, this Friday I'm going to the annual dinner in MBSA. huhhu..I wouldn't call it dinner cause time mcm Hi-Tea aje...heheh.. Di dalam kemelut kegawatan ekonomi dunia nih pon masih lagi mampu buat event menghargai pekerja...kekeke...Syabas2! (Eventhough hanya di MBSA...FYI, last year kat Concorde Hotel tau XP)

Raya haji pulak? I'm off to JB. Cousin's wedding. Have to go lorr... Uncle Black came all the way from Mersing for my wedding! At the same time, Abg side is having a family trip to PD...Aiseyy...Raya Haji = PD? hmmmm....Sorry, planned on JB far way back before PD plan came up...Had to give up on that. Abg pon ok aje. Probably since I agreed to go to Perlis during CNY next year. (tak kesah! Nak naik flight jugak!) At 6 months pregnancy that time? I don't want to burn my butt nor hurt my back by long rides on the car...Especially Abg's car...(Ampun Abg!)

Okaylah...need to go to sleep. My phone is making trouble again. Probably SIM card problem lagi lah tuh...nih yg terasa mcm nak tukar Celcom jer nih...hihih...

Soredewa minasan, Oyasumik

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