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Sudah 1 bulan :)

Kinen subeki BF paling banyak sekali pam masa awal2 dulu...:)

Despite kerisauan tentang BF...Sama ada saya mampu atau tidak BF Uyuni up to 1 or 2 year old, saya juga agak risau tentang 1st June yang akan datang. My mom and dad is flying off to Europe jalan2 and go to Aimi's convo in Ireland.

That is the time I am going to be all alone with Uyuni for 3 weeks. Frankly speaking, there's an alternative to stay at my in-laws house....but, I'm getting used to the surrounding here in my own home. Uyuni is also starting to collect a lot of new toys and stuff such as the buai, the stroller, the play gym (ain't this too early? but, Thanks Mas! Mama ngan grandma dia dah pasang siap dah)...So, moving there for the 3 weeks will only be a hassle.

I like to be independent when it comes to raising my child. Bagaimana dia grow up, biarlah saya to be blamed for, rather than others. Kalau saya termanjakan lebih, biarlah saya yang dapat surat saman...heheh...

I agree that I mmg pampered when living with in-laws. Baju depa basuhkan, air mandi depa buatkan...mmg macam permaisuri... Tapi, satu yang kureng is when time to BF. As I told you before, I felt as if I was not allowed at all to touch my Uyuni. They would do everything for her, meaning kebiasaan telah ditetapkan oleh mereka and like it or not I had to follow. (ex: Wajib sumbat susu formula after mandi)

Lauk wajib atas meja semasa pantang (penaik selera)

But, luckily I managed to change that habit slowly after almost 3 weeks with her. I learned a lot about Uyuni when I handle her myself (of course, sometimes her Grandma dia tolong sekali) I also learned that if you want her to keep quiet when taking her bath, instead of waiting to BF after bath like in the early days, I'd give her some before bath and continue after bath for some more. And her early way to promise BF everytime after man-handling? I realized that if she was already full even before man-handling, she wouldn't ask for more after that and go right to sleep. So, kenapa kena sumbat susu lagi, betul tak?

I love this kind of learning. Tambahan lagi, badan dah semakin cergas sikit. I learned a few more alternative ways to increase milk production. Drinking protein drink every day on an empty stomach really helps a lot of protein absorption which is also important for BF. Everyday I'm learning even more by handling her myself. And I guess, daddy likes it this way too. Her daddy gets to give her bath every day and bond with her at that time :) Daddy also gets to buai her at nights, change her diapers, enjoy being poo-ed in the middle of the night *giggles*

In the early days, masa tak cukup tidur sangat dulu...masing2 bebai malas nak layan Uyuni tgh malam...hehhe...Tapi sekarang, once dah tahu habit, which kind of position she likes to have her milk in the middle of the night, what is the meaning to each of the sound she makes, we actually saved a lot of energy waking up tgh malam for nothing :)) Alhamdulillah!

Nak update blog nih pon of course tadi tergendala kejap 30min to BF Uyuni...but now after she's happy, tgh tidur atas katil sambil wat "negoto" sendiri. Daddy dia pon dah happy since dia dapat tidur malam dgn selesa sikit berbanding dulu, when after semua orang handle her in the day, malam tinggalkan kitorang nk figure out what's wrong with her when she cries lah *seriously stressfull masa awal2 dulu*...I think, mmg ada improvement dalam 3 minggu ni...

Alhamdulillah I took my sister in-law's advice, to BERDIKARI...Life becomes much more simpler when we learn it ourselves.

*Jenguk Uyuni kejap, dia dah tendang bantal atas kaki dia yg I letak tadi...heheh*

Sekarang nih sedikit2 saya tgh praktiskan Uyuni minum BM dgn botol. Persediaan untuk menghadapi hari2 mula bekerja nanti. Saya banyak wat online shopping kali nih... Thank you very much to Che Yam's links...(Yup, I used you links for baby and mommy shops...hehe) So, bottle bnyk beli, cooler box, ice package, nursing bra, nursing pads...and of course Sleepy Wrap! <- Yang ini bakal arrive in 6-10 so excited to have free hands after that...tak perlu risau tinggalkan Uyuni sorang2 lagi..lepas nih nak pi jamban pon mama bawak...Get ready tutup hidung tau!

Tomorrow, Uyuni will be 1 month old. Dah wat appointment dgn Dr.Ali. She'll get her 1 month vaccy and need to check with doc about the fractured bone. Masa letak tepung ubi after bath around her neck, ada cube2 rasa the bengkak...rasa macam ada lagi...tapi, Uyuni dah kurang meraung...She can mengiring to her left side during BF tanpa menangis lagi..Alhamdulillah! Pray for us, friends!

Till then, Babai!
(Dah tiba masa untuk get ready barang2 mandi dia)


yumyum said...

little uyuni looks so much like her papa!

btw im glad the links help :)

dayerq said...

comelnye baby..