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19.2 pound baby & Sushi

And I thought Yuni was quite big. Look at this healthy BIG baby boy :)

I remembered my days in the hospital when the nursery sent Yuni to my ward and I was in the toilet. When I came out, the nearest baby trolley to the toilet was so small, I thought Yuni shrunk! heheh... But, it was actually another baby which was on his/her way to the mother's ward. *sigh*

Back to this healthy baby boy. I would like to see her mother. I'd love to imagine how she carried her bundle of joy throughout the 9 months.

I mean, my Yuni was another 30grams to 4 kg. I had to give my gratitude to all the Japanese restaurants, Hyotan, Rakuzen, Jyuuraku, Sushi-King, Sakae Sushi, JUSCO sushi, Shabu-Shabu etc...for preparing a very healthy yet delicious meals for me and my baby for 10months and 3 days. (Not like I eat it everyday, but most of the days...hehehe)

My greatful thanks to SDMC supplements of iron & zinc, fish oils and calcium which I took repeatively for 6 months. (I stopped after recognizing Yuni's weight is not an easy one to push out later)

She's just 4.5 moths; Already thinking of going to Mesir to further her studies.

Ayah, I don't need want a bath tub! Baldi pun dah cukup...heheh
(Routen buro mitai~~)

Lots of runs in the family :) Pak Long, Yuni and Haziq (Yuni's cousin)

She's cleverly singing along mummy's lullaby lately. *geram sbb dah pandai tahan mata*
She wants to see the world. She turns more often lately :)

Yes, I am Oya-baka...say it...I don't mind...hehe

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