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Abang Donald's glass??

Wahlau!! Mc Donalds giving 'Contour Glass' away??!! *Not for free though~~*

Fact 1:
I used to be a "wine-glass" freak back in UM...Still have the collections in the store room...Yup...Not used...but very usefull...--> It collects dust...hhahaha

Fact 2:
I loooovveee to eat Mc Donalds for only one reason...
I looovveee Drive thrus *wink wink* Beating parking hassles..turun kereta hassles...because Malaysia is very hotlah...I'd rather stay in the car :)

Fact 3:
I don't cook. Full stop.
Long live FAST FOOOOOODDD!!! *hahahaha*

P/S: Dear, Ieyta..Sorry couldn't attend Danial's Aqiqah...:(  I had something already planned on that day..Anyway, my Yuni would only "buat havoc" aje at your house...*with her cries, of course* Don't worry...We will meet up one day :) hehehe

1 comment:

mrs-ab said...


elmi ader bgtau tak?
mask, husband ima pass kat zai
sbb masa raya aritu ima kat melaka jek.

kedai yg jual murah(598yen=60pcs) tu bg beli sekotak utk sekali beli.
so ima sempat beli 2 kotak jek,
tak sempat sbb shucchou.