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Pink-eyed Mommy

Mc-ed for 3 days due to pink eye infection. I prefer to call it ink eye / Madras eye rather than Conjunctivitis or Sakit Bontot (you know how orang tua2 say you're not supposed to say the real name... Takut berjangkit?) Haiyah...

I had it actually 4 days before Raya... It wasn't that bad... So, I didn't do anything about it. Until the 1 week after that... It gotten worse... It became too painful to bear, so went to the doc andconfirmed it was pink eye infection...

It's not easy handling a baby when you're having pink eye... All garments, clothings need to be seperated because it is easily spread. Washing hands extra careful everytime handling Yuni... dyring bf and also diaper chaning etc... "Extra washing, Extra know"

It came back this Monday I guess because I didn't really recovered and wore contact lenses straight away. And I guess the dryness of the eyes made it worse. y current office environment somehow is not treating me very well. Despite good pay etc... I have to bear with C- Talking the whole day... Plus a yappy collegue "help"ing me out...*sigh*

Come to think of it...I thought I was quite strong enough to handle C-environment work... Not, in this situation... None of the M's are helping and this is quite a BIG challenge for me. Maybe it's only me not blending so well... or maybe I'm just being to high-leveled for them... Sheesh

But, somehow the fuu-sui in the office is not very good to me. (I can't believe I said that!)
But, I'll try to work things out, InsyaAllah internally or externally... hhehehe *you know what I mean*

(Tele-Tech offer is very tempting too)


Kejam tak gelak tu??

P/S: Tokeh cendawan still tak balik2 lagi... Ade yg nak kena cepuk nih...

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