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Let's become Health Doctors!

What doctors wish you should do...

You all have to read this article. Love it so much! Funny and informative...hehe..

Skip the 11 o'clock news, respect your mouth and 18 other stay-healthy musts...hahah!

Lately have been thinking about health. Health issues have always been my mom's main issue. And now, she's training me & her grandchild, Yuni. Which is a good thing to learn early.

1. Learn how to relax
    I remembered the first few years working in Cinosanap... I did not know how to relax...I wanted so much for my work to finish and it took me some time to realize it myself that work will never finish...heheh I was thinking about all kinds of issues even though they're not relted at all to me. Hey, Cinosanap is not my company!

2. Know your resting heart rate
    I don't think I know it numerically...but environmentally, YES. Chasing datelines, follow-uping jobs are really heart rate increasing...hehe...Knowing everything on the tip of your finger is resting heart rate...for me lah...hahaha... Actually, when you know how to know your resting heart rate. Don't forget! Wathing Shah Rukh Khan fight scene on Hindustn t.v increases heart rate...even though you watch it to relax... :P

3. ....And your waist size
    This part, I wish I won't know. But, main thing is to keep fit...*Haiyah* Dalam keadaan sekarang tengah menyusu Yuni nih...tak berkemampuan to think about down-sizing this waist size...*sigh* But for long term...This IS Important! If you don't make it a habit from early stage, its hard to change it when you get older.

4. Respect your mouth
    If the article just refers this part to make sure you keep your mouth clean...I'd like to add referral that we should also keep it clean by saying only good things. Because good things lead to other good things. Bad things are the other way around.

5. Drink tap water
    Hmm...filtered water except from carbon filters don't have fluoride which helps strengthens the bones datte...*hatsu mimi* So, they asked us to drink tap water. I can't agree fully especially with Malaysia's tp water condition. So, better find a carbon filter, then. :D

6. Skip the 11 o'clock news
    11 o'clock news only makes it hrder for you to sleep. Imagine being told about wars, pollitics, economics before you go to sleep....I don't know about you, but to me, that's not such a good idea to sleep soundly...heheh...Plus 11 is a bit late, don't you think?

7. Volunteer for a cause you're passionate about
    I wish I could do this...I'll think about it after Yuni dah besar sikit...hehe...But before that, I should find out what I'm relly passionate about...*sigh*

8. Get familiar with C-s
    This is normal; Eat your vitamins!

9. ....and D-s
    Because C-s need D-s to absorb fully in our body. Eat your vitamins, people!

10. Treat your body as well as you treat your car
     It doesn't hurt to spend a few extr cash in the end of the month for massage/spa treatment. Kalau kereta boleh cuci tiap-tiap hari...polish cantik2...Body pon kenalah cantik2...hahaha

11. Think of your home as your gym
      Clean! Do housework!Move those lazy buts! hehehe These housework are your "free-of-charge GYM"

and the list continues...Korang bacalah sendiri...I need to rest...and attend to Yuni...its bout time she wakes up and have her milk...lama sangat tidur straight 5 hours lebih! *penangan jalan2 kat kolan udang galah la nih*

I leave you guys with Yunis's picture...fresh from the digi-cam today :) Jalan-jalan dengan ayah dan mama...heheh..

Good night!

Nota kaki: Malam nih tidur berdua je dgn Yuni...ayah balik kampung nak bawak nenek balik sini...huhu

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