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Dah naik kepala Fieza nih...

Today was so embarrassing.

I was a bit late for work As soon as I was in the company’s driveway, I saw one empty parking spot and without any further a due, I quickly parked in.

I was not aware that that parking spot was my MD’s parking spot! *shocking!!*

Luckily he was not the “I am Boss” type and he forgave me  Well, actually, I was the one who came to his place immediately after noticing that he parked right near my Satria’s butt and apologized. *sweat drops* Colleagues were very astonished about me parking there while my boss said to me,

“Hey, It’s OK. Let’s just leave it there as it is…No harm done” – Was it just me, or there was a small cynical smile on his face.

Hahaha! Fiza dah melebih dari MD nih…kehkehkeh…Belum confirm lagi tuh dah parking tempat MD…Caitt! Tak sengajalah…

So, pengajaran pada hari ini;

Jangan datang lambat gih kerja. Datang awal sikit for parking. Heheh
(Sorry la Yuni lepas nih mama takleh tido ngan Yuni lama2 sangat)

1 comment:

Diana Sidek said...

wahh!!ko memang sungguh berani fieza! hehehhehe