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Ugg Boots & Uyuni

Happy 4th month birthday!

Ugg boots are available for everyone. I wish Yuni could have a pair…hehe…She’ll be very cute in it. Click on the ad for more info...

ugg boots

Sorry mommy couldn’t update your milestone monthly. Mommy could only do a 4 month milestones, I hope its okay with you :)

Let’s see…Yuni could;

  1. Smile at people, especially smile when seeing mommy. Whether its morning, afternoons, evenings, nights plus middle of the night…Yuni will always smile seeing mommy’s face…*cayang anak mama!*
  2. Sense mommy’s presence/absence in the room. Whether mommy’s going for work in the morning or back for lunch in the afternoons or back home in the evenings. Yuni will always greet with a small “manja” cry. Hehe
  3. Lift her head and shoulders when she’s lying down. Whether she’s in the cradle or on the mattress or lying on a high pillow.
  4. Move her legs out of the cradle all by herself.
  5. Stop the cradle motor all by a twist of her body turning. *She’s very clever*
  6. Talk a lot! She makes a lot of sound regardless she’s happy or not in the mood :) She makes happy sounds and yelling especially when she’s excited.
  7. Loves to play with fabric especially Japan Cotton (baju raya dial ah tu) She loves to play peak-a-boo with mommy in between the cloth.
  8. Be very excited when in the car. She refuses to lie down nor sit down in the car. She requests to be picked up to see the world…hehehe
  9. Make protest cries when she’s uncomfortable…(Well, who doesn’t?)
  10. Sense if mommy’s planning to go out somewhere. That is when she refuses to go to sleep…hahaha! *told you she’s clever*
  11. Loves to be around people. She wants to be at the dining table with everyone while sitting in her full-of-distracting-purpose-toys-stroller.
  12. Reach out for mommy’s / granny’s hair, spectacles, furin-bells hung in her cradle, flower patterns on mommy’s shirt/ kain batik and of course, her favourite rabbit toy (aka pengetuk bahu mama)
  13. Stop the portable fan in the stroller with her legs. Hehehe
  14. Make faces. Cute ones too…Biting her own upper lips and sometimes lower lips.
  15. Watch t.v intensely especially advertisement & Din and Dugong on Animal Planet channel.
  16. Pull the nipple with her mouth. *Sakit tau!!*
  17. Talk to the donkey doll. (in her own words, of course)
Well, I guess that’s about it. Sorry la kalau mama tak sempat nak list up semua. Today was a busy day at the office, so tak dapat nak curi2 tulang masuk internet. *sigh*

Dah dah...cukup2...Time to bf Yuni and feed daddy...hahah
Good nite!

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yongE said...

macam mane yuni bleyh suke tgk din & dugong neh..ehehehehe