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Reunion dinner at last

Was I too excited? Last night, I dreamt of meeting Ieyta and Hailwa... (aku ada hutang ke dgn korang?) hehe... There were some other friends in my dream, but I couldn't remember their faces except these two... huhu... gomen ne!

Anyway, my day started of today at 1:30 a.m when Yuni woke me up from her sleep. Pindahkan Yuni next to me and bf until she went back to sleep.

Then, at 3 a.m she woke up again... I was too lazy to layan her.. So, I ignored her... Eventually, she was happily talking to herself for 1/2 hour until she made the "I am fed-up" cry... Ape lagi... bf and she quickly went to sleep... *sigh*

I am getting used to this... *horror* Abg didn't wake up at all... *Bestnye jadi laki aku*.. Anyway, she's back asleep now at 9:30am... after morning drive to McDonalds... haha.. *dah kawin pon breakfast McDonald lagi tuh...*

So, sekarang ni nak wat laundry sat... Grandma is off to her Volunteering Job at Seroja... So, home alone with Yuni for now.. :)
Can't wait for tonight!

Khas untuk Yong yang merindui Yuni-chan :p

P/S: Actually, petang ni baru nak survey baju and beli hadiah... mmg last minute preparation betul.. huhu..

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yongE said...

aaaaa aku geramm..aku geramm..gigit gitit...yamii nyehh yuni nehhh...jumpe juge ngan anak buah kesayangan aku neh akhirnye...xpuas tap pelok2..gigit2 gomol2..wangii...