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These shoes are made for walking...

This is my favourite sandal of the year :) Been 2 years since I bought it... and have served me good... Still does. I didn't know about "Bobson" before I bought the shoe, but I'm glad I bought it :)

The brand  Bobson (Japanese read: Bobuson), started in the 90's in Japan when lady jeans were popular (sorta a Boom) in Japan... Located in Okayama prefecture, Japan, it has expanded its wings of design even to Europe. Well, some of the infos I dug out of their website.

Anyway, I bought it on Summer 2007 in Tsuyama, cause it was too hot for me to wear sneakers to work everyday. Then, bought it back to Malaysia wore it up until now (of course, ada rest lah, masa pregnant dulu) And then last 2 days, one of the straps were torn off. I am not sure whether it was my ke-ganasan or the cats played with it at night which made torn. huuhu..

One of the straps torn off...

Anyway, I still hope I can continue wearing it... *sayang lorr* bukan senang nak dapat good quality shoes nowadays with reasonable price (kalau xkesah Crocs nye harga... lain cerita lah... huhu)

Today, Abg is baby sitting Yuni :) Grandma has a meeting and need to clearify some errands with the bank and MARA... So, kena beli lunch for him this afternoon :P

P/S: Anybody knows what is the name of the salad dressing (white color) dekat Reunion kat PGRM hari tuh? Mengidam la pulak... hehehe

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