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My dear Aunties,

If all of you are reading this.... Yes, I changed job. I decided to choose money rather than security. At the moment I really need to support my husband. Therefore, please bear with me.

If I am destined to work as a G-men, one day of course... InsyaAllah.

But now, sadly I choose IBM.

Thank you.


sheilazrien said...

kak fieza keje sama ngan didie ek?!

fieza said...

hahaha... Ha'ah la...
Awak kerja ngan Ifan kan? Amacam kerja? Ok?

sheilazrien said...

ngee ~ mcm kak fiEza xknal jek ifan tue..mcm2 ciTe timbul kot ?!


fieza said...

hahaha... Ifan memang controversional... hehe Kenal sangat :P