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Hot FM Masyuuukkk

Ok, mungkin aku terlambat nak bgtau pasal Hot FM Masyuukk nih... Probably by the time aku tulis nih dah ade pemenang? Mana la tahu kan??

The only hour of the day which I listen to the radio is in the Car on my way to work. Yes, about an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. And last skali saya dengar Hot FM is on the way to work today lah. I have been listening to the HOT FM Masyukk about the contest where you have to guess the voice of the artists name.

First time I ever heard about a contest which is almost impossible to win?

Maybe I am the type yang not so into Malaysian Artist, (tp, yang Jepun punye suke aje haha) So, I can't figure out how they could actually recognize the Artist's voice in the radio. Ya, kerja gila orang panggil. Tp, as the $$$ becomes bigger and everyone is searching for the 2nd Voice only, Waaahhh... dekiru mon da! kalau macam nih aku pon boleh menang! hahaha

Clues hari ini: Suka minum Milo Ais.

Hmm.. Adik aku suka minum Milo Ais. Laki aku pon suka... But, they are not Artists... hahaha Ok lah, aku nak surf internet cari Jawapan.. heheh Adiosss!

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diannazainodin said...

Fazeli Zainal
lupala plakk
Sabi Sadee
Linda Rafar...wakakakaka