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Repost: previous post is not Yamapi's pic

Wahlaumah! Please let me begin by apologizing regarding the previous post... Malunyaaaa..

Thank you for Ms/Mr. Guest for pointing out the mistake.

Nampaknya, ke-miha-an aku sudah tumpul. Kalau dulu hebat2 jer aku nak cerita pasal Jyaniz.. haha Sekarang ilmu aku dah tumpul (T_#)! aku hanya dapat berharap artikel2 dalam Internet je lepas balik dari Japan. Oh, sedihnyer...

Therefore, again I would like to apologize for the wrong post and would like to apologize to Yamapi's fans plus, Iseya Yusuke's fans... woh is actually the true person for the picture below...

Now I know how difficult it is to be a Reporter/Magazine Columinist etc. Wow, they really have to get their facts, right... Or not, they'll probably get sued. I hope I won't get sued though... hehe

Yosh! Kena benkyou(traslated: Belajar)... I hope this movie, "Ashita no Joe" will be released in Malaysia too... (Ok, I'm not getting my hopes up too much.. hahaha)... Ada pernah ker Movie2 yang best2 mcm nih keluar kat Wayang...

Sore deha, Ijou.

P/S: Mr/Ms. Guest, Jangan mare yer..


yesterday guest said...

LOL. I'm not angry to you.
But can i ask u to do something about it? Because it's actually useless if u make a special post just to clarified the error u made prevoiusly but u DID NOT edit the actual post -_- Not everyone will read ur next post, u know~~

Just remove Yusuke picture or something. Clear information is needed everywhere, whatever the purpose of it ^^

fieza said...

Yes, I will. thank you for commenting, or not I wouldn't have realized it. Btw, are you Yusuke's fan?