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Ribut di Jasin

Am I the last one to create a post regarding the Ribut @Jasin, Melaka?

I mean, it was like last week's incident, but the strong wind and heavy rain yesterday reminded me about it.

I had to do 10-7 shift yesterday and today. Wow. Finished work @7pm and rushed home. I wasn't successful yesterday, but I'm going to try to reach home ASAP today.

I tried to watch a few Youtube videos regarding the incident. I heard it was quite bad. One person died. Condolences to the parties for their lost.

Well, thanks to Ali Rustam la nih. Siapa suruh sebok nak wat Sekolah Mengandung kat Jasin? <- you may think this is just a coincidence, but I seriously took "bencana" as a Warning from Allah. Cash tau dia kasi dahla dalam bulan Ramadhan, not long after the announcement from Ali Rustam pulak tuh. Betul2 buat umat Islam di Malaysia berfikir tau. Unless for certain who wish to ignore the Warning. To me, yesterday, hujan lebat was already a Warning. Takut tuh... Mana tahu Allah nak turun bala ker ape. Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga tau... hahaha

But again, who am I to judge. Wallahua'alam.

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