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Update geram to certain Docs in Malaysia

Hi Everyone,

My latest update for the past 2 weeks maybe?

30th Oct 2010 (Sat)
Had to do OT due to my L-O-U-D mouth main2 ckp dgn Manager that I am able to do OT dengan syarat Yuni boleh dibawa ke Ofis. Tuh diaaa... I was stuck at office doing nothing but playing with Yuni while surfing the internet. A 6.5 hours of BOREDOM. *sigh* But because of double pay on Saturday, I got a total of 13hours pay that day. Alhamdulillah.

Started the OT at 7 am and it ended at 1.30 pm. Yes, Yuni was at her limits. Mom and Dad picked us up at Cyberjaya and it didn't take us any longer that reaching the PLUS tol on the way back when Yuni dozed of to Happly-land.

Since hubby is in Beruas sending my MIL back to hometown, mummy and Yuni spent the whole 2 days together. Unfortunately, that night about 2:30 am (Sun) ... I F-E-L-L down hitting the back of my head on the batu marmar floor when I was about to get on the first step of the 3-step stairs.

No, it was not me being groggy. It was my leg F-A-I-L-ing on me. I had this problem eversince Yuni was 1 year young :B And I admit that I was 1/2 responsible for delaying the leg check up process. Malas. Mendoukusai. So, Allah gave me a warning by making my leg fail and me falling down like how Cartoons fall slipping on the banana skin. No offence for some of you guys reading this, but I am SERIOUSLY not making this up. Am not exaggerating at all. I am just EXPLAINING.

31st Oct 2010 (Sun)
Me having this scary thought of concussion, googled "concussion" to find out the symptoms. And, wahla.. I don't have concussion. So I kept on doing my normal routine of the day until I felt my head berdenyut2 at the end of the day.

1st Nov 2010 (Mon)
Took MC that day and went to Medivron Clinic. Explained everything to the Doc and she said "Jangan pandai2 nak jadi Doctor sendiri" She wrote me a letter and asked me to go to UH. I even asked the Doc, "Can I go for URUT first, before going to UH?" No way! You're going to UH first.

I am supposed to check my spine since it was the root cause of the fall. The Doc said nothing special regarding my head injury. Oh, that means, I am good at being a Doctor then... hahaha But, she did inform me that if this problem is related to your spine, then you may face difficulty in your second pregnancy. -> Ok, takut.

Went to UH. At the Kaunter Saringan, the Nurse sent me to Kecemasan And Trauma. OMG! Memang tunggu lama. But, after I read the below information. Legalah sikit. Means, my case is somewhere between G2 and G3.

After a while, Doc called me and checked my spine. It was a foreign doctor. Spoke bits to bits of English and keep on telling me that there is nothing wrong with me. He was also frustrated.. I guess with the Nurse at Kaunter Saringan for sending me here (Kecemasan & Trauma). Hey, I was shocked myself. Kecemasan and Trauma is the last place I wanted to go that day cause I don't feel as though my case is related to Kecemasan & Trauma. Ok, aku dah maafkan nurse yang dekat Kaunter Saringan tuh.

But, because of that, this foregin Doc yang mungkin belum lunch lagi... Gave me a bad service and a bad impression of all PPUM docs. And above all that, he prescribed me with PONSTAN and Hot cream WTH! Sangat mengambil sambil lewa!

Mom who was there next to me all the time said to me to IGNORE the prescription and we went back home. Mom adviced me though to get a second opinion at SJMC. So called SJMC to set up a quick reservation with Otopedik who has Afternoon clinics.

So, there I was with Doctor Muthu. Explaining the problem from A-Z. I also informed Doc about how my problem may be related to pre-pregnancy problem which was my SIL's nurse side of the opinion. Oh, Doctor Muthu lagi siyott... Taulah nak dekat Deepavali... He could just say that I was fine and even make a joke out of my SIL;

"Your SIL grad kolej nursing mana yer? I nak hire dia kerja dekat sinilah" -> as I am quite serious at that time, I answered all his Questions honestly. Plus he asked me to go for X-ray which in the end found me nothing. Being an open person, I CANNOT and REFUSE to accept his reason for my problem to be;

"It's all in your mind. Jangan dengar sangat apa orang lain cakap" Oh, WTF! It's all in my mind? Go to hell! Ingat aku saja2 je ke buat alasan nak jumpa Doc. I only felt the rage in myself when I saw the Consultancy Bill for RM135!! I took my effort to see you, waste my time and bare all your stupid consultancy and still have to pay the fu*king RM135. Melampau siyott..

Aku pon bodoh jugak lah.. Balik rumah, I vodoo-ed myself saying that I have no such leg-failure problem. Not long after that? STILL ADA PROBLEM.

Geram. Geram. Geram. Geram.

Memang dah sampai my patience LIMIT this time. Aku sebenarnya tak paham the rational of these kind of treatment to patients. If Docs have too much WORK, BURDEN... then, it's the Hospital side that needs to do something about it. In my case, it seems like those 2 Docs are such a PITA. So what if you guys tak makan, tak cukup tidor, EGO etc., it definitely not the reason to throw the tantrum at patients. It is not also the reason to treat patients as FOOLS.

Memang lepasan geram yang damn I don't even like to re-read this entry. But, since some are asking about the hujung pangkal of the story, so I terangkan panjang lebar.

Give me a million REASON for the treatment I had, I will not tolerate such nonsence especially in Customer Service.



HW said...

Loh, kesian nya ko! Tak baik lah mereka itu.

Take care ok? :D


fieza said...

Thank you! Memang diorang xbaik!

Tp, mungkin aku je yg bernasib malang pada hari tuh. Pengalaman mendewasakan.