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Mizz Nina dan Noh Hujan... 頑張ってください!応援しています。

Hari ini saya tertarik dengan kisah(gossip?) yang dikeutarakan oleh .Ia berkisahkan tentang satu majalah yang menyiarkan gambar Noh Hujan dan Mizz Nina.

I heard about the topic from my Aunt last saturday when we were on our way to Seremban to visit Granny and MakcikAbg (we called her this because she used to dress and cut her hair like a boy when she was younger). Yes, my MakNgah is a very updated person. She knows almost all the good news regardless of politics, local, international, islamic and entertainment. I think she has time to read a lot now after PENCEN (oh, wait... need to minus the time she takes care of her grandchildren)

Anyway, I heard from MakNgah that Mizz Nina is the daughter of one of the 10 richest man in Malaysia(Wow!) I guess fans do know better than me... So I am totally not going to explain her profile/biography here. That is not the main point.

The main point is that media(to get issues controversial) seems to like to put up headlines like "Noh patut cermin diri sebelum pikat Mizz Nina" WTH? It is so obvious that they are pointing to the inside of his wallet. You think Noh tuh miskin merempat ke? Not that I am backing him up. I am trying to keep cool here. I don't even know his family/finance status. But I know that "Human does not have the right to condem others by comparing their wallets or bank accounts. Rezeki is based on usaha, doa and tawakkal. Long happy marriage is based on "ikhlas".

My Abg, he was not a Dato' child. He was a normal, well, probably slightly under the standard privilege line. I understood his feelings when we were friend. I also understood his feelings when he went for interview with my parents(gulp!). I understand how small he must have felt stepping his foot in our house. Just because he was comparing his bank account to mine and my parents. I think everyone of us will have that kind of feeling (at least a tiny bit) when we step on to their shoes. But, I am not saying that it's BAD to be humble... Just not good to be too humble till the point you lose your self-esteem.

I kept on saying and encouraging him that he has too much to offer to us despite MONEY and MONEY is not everything in LOVE and LIFE (of courselah we need money to live). With effort, determination- usaha, doa, tawakkal- Insyaallah, rezeki will be rolling your way. Means that, Noh... Just because they think that you cannot stand shoulders to shoulders (might I say bank accounts to bank accounts... haha!), it doesn't mean that you cannot strive for it. It does not mean that there is no other way to survive... It's all up to you!

The main reason for me to write this is basically because I could understand the basic situation.

And I hope that for those Gagak and Merpati lovers... Stand up to what you believe, Usaha Doa and Tawakkal for the best in life. Put aside negative comments, headlines, sarcastic assumptions etc. and proceed to strive for your dreams. Insyaallah, the effort will pay off.

Picture credits to: Kotak Hitam and Entertainment Malaysia

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