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My thought of Japan Earthquake/Tsunami


Lama giller tak update. Padahal dah ade iPhone. Heh. Mungkin sebab aku dah start naik motor pi kerja. Well, membonceng jelah tpnye. Ok... Nanti akan aku cuba update on the bike :P

Oh, lupa hari ni aku drive. Cause Abg went for blood donation for Pak Ngah's open heart surgery. Correction from previous port: surgery bukan di IJN, tp di SJMC. So, Annual leave lah Abg.

Oh, gambar di atas? Omiyage (Read:buah tangan) dari Jepun. Tachibana-san, our group rep di Japan. Speaking of Japan, yes I know everyone has been talking about it. Tsunami on the 11th Mar 2011.

Loads of videos have been updated on Youtube. No need to have NHK or Japan local tv. But I missed those tvs, how their people love to make analysis, datas -> making viewers learn a lot about the current condition. Bukan seperti CCTV (China news) yang tak habis2 memaparkan footage of the aftermath etc. well, actually you can't blame them cause Japan has not been very open in terms of their media. so, all the other part of the world doesn't really know the actual condition there. Oh, belum lagi mengambil kira language-barrier mereka. So, NHK, interested in taking me up for translator? hehe kidding!

The nuclear explosion was brought up by Malaysia tabloid besar2an tau. Padahal, reading a few Malaysians story in Japan, it wasn't that bad. Hehehe..

Actually, I was so touched by Japanese despite having hit by Earth-quake and Tsunami, they are still strong! Talk about the strong bond among them. They are the only country I heard with NO CRIME report eventhough in "darurat". Wow! I have known about their culture, but you can see it clearly during emergency times. How they are very considerate and helpful regardless their looks.

Menyesal la pulak aku tengok FB ari nih. First Lady kata, Tsunami di Jepun adalah satu pengajaran-> I tamau komen. I just know that bukan slaah mereka dilahirkan/duduk di negara dalam lingkaran gunung berapi. Dan mereka telah berusaha untuk face the fact that they will encounter earth-quake and tsunami. So, pengajaran apakah?


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