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Grandma passed away

My Grandma, zainon Binti Abdullah, passed away at 10:05pm 15th March 2011. One day after Mom's birthday. 3 days after Aimi's birthday. About 4 hours after Pak Ngah's open heart surgery ended.

According to the last person who had seen Grandma's last breath, My Aunt, MakcikAbg... She let go of her breath peacefully with no struggle. Alhamdulillah! and Insyaallah she has said her syahadah, cause my aunts have been teaching her to say it for the past week. Well, way to the end, she had no longer voice for us to hear. But, she clearly knew whoever comes near her with introdution of name, because her heartbeat went up everytime(from the monitor)

2nd week in hospital, there were already signs of "akhir hayat". Mom kept reminding us how Granny's going to leave us already for the past 1 week. I guess it was a reminder for us to "cekalkan hati" to face her death.

Yesterday, early after Subuh was the start of a hectic day. Sent mom to hospital to release her body. Sent my aunts to the mosque in SS19, Subang Jaya -> because her IC was still our old home in SS18, so the khairat kematian was the nearest mosque there.

It did not take such a long time for my mom and aunts to mandi(clean the body) her and kafan(cover body with white cloth). We went and said our goodbyes. She looked peaceful, same as Arwah Opah(Hubby's grandma). At about 10am, we took off to Tanah Perkuburan USJ22. There she was buried at lot 149(it was not labelled back then, but it was 2 spaces after Lot147. So, I made assumptions.

We read her the doa(du'a) and burried her. Her grandchildrens(the boys) help to carry her in the ground. It was a very teary event. Some cried, some did not. I did not want to cry because I know that it's not good for Granny. Instead, I held my tears with continuous Al-Fatihah and doa because those are the amalan(good deeds) that will help granny in her kubur "grave".

Yuni followed us all through the process. Early in the morning that day, she went into Moyang's room faced her katil (bed) and yelled "Oyaaannnggg" a few times... It's like she knows that her Oyang's going away that day.

It is quite a sad moment remembering all these incident. Even sader thinking that this is the person who took care of me eversince I was born, cooked, bathed washed clothes until she couldn't do that anymore. This is the person who I called "Mama", slept at night with her -> until mom was horrified and they all started calling Grandma "Nenek" -> Basically to teach the small me that she is my grandma, not my mother.

Alhamdulillah, I had no fever after burial. Only, katakori(shoulder pains)...

Doa untuk orang yang telah meninggal dunia:

Ya Tuhanku! Ya Engkau Yang Maha Peng-ampun, Yang Maha Pemberi, Penghalau segala kesu¬karan! Sesungguhnya aku memo¬hon ke-pada-Mu agar mengampuni dosa-dosa mereka yang telah me¬ninggalkan jasad fana dan telah naik ke alam rohani.

    Ya Tuhanku! Sucikanlah mereka dari segala kesalahan, hapuskanlah kesedihan mereka, dan ubahlah kegelapan mereka menjadi cahaya. Perkenankanlah mereka untuk memasuki taman kebaha¬giaan, bersihkanlah mereka dengan air yang paling murni dan izinkan¬lah mereka untuk memandang ke¬muliaan-Mu di atas bukit yang paling tinggi.                     

- ‘Abdu’l-Bahá


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