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Tidak beriman seseorang yang tidak memelihara amanah,
dan tidak sempurna iman seseorang apabila tidak menepati janji.
(Nabi Muhammad S.A.W)

A collegue told me today,

"Kau boleh la stay back lama-lama kat ofis, Life kau kat sini"

I would like to comment and elaborate the statement longer. I was at first a bit upset with the statement. How could you make irresponsible judgements like that when you don't even live in the person's shoes? If the above quote was more of a question, I would be glad enough to answer. But, in the form of statment? Please, don't throw your frustration/tantrum at me. Because I went through that phase a long time ago.

Last 2 years, I felt as though my life revolves around WORK only. Fullstop. I kept on nagging to myself, sometimes to my seniors, how phatetic my life was....with long working hours, not much pay and a lot of stress. But I kept on chosing to stay back late and I choose to pretend that I am doing what I was trusted for at an optimum speed and time. In the end of the day, I felt as though I just wasn't doing enough. And I was very frustrated about this fact. It was as though I am incapable of doing my job well as others.

That is when I choose to give my frustration a lame excuse;

Sheeesssh!! How such a cry baby I was at that time, I thought long enough to even say it out loud here. To think about it again, I was the one who choose to stay back late at office. I chose to carry the heavy work load on my back all the time. I choose to think I don't have a life. Why? Because the only life I went through all these years was my student life which was very simple and easy. I compare the current one with the previous one and decided to feel envious of it. Stupid!

Nothing is wrong with my current life. The problem is me! Thinking that there is a problem about my new working life when I have the option to choose whether to accept it full hearted or not. I was more to thinking about the problem rather than thinking about a solution or method to adapt to it. I realized then that I have the power to choose. And because I also have strong passion towards my current work and my responsibilities, I decided to make changes in my life.

1. I go out on weekends with friends.
2. Got myself a bf.
3. Restrict myself to work latest 7:30pm on weekdays. (Unless I saje2 nak borak ngan member after problem-> Cause that one xkire kerja)
4. Restrict myself to coming on weekends unless I have a dateline or paid. Some work can wait.
5. Learned to let go some of the workloads off my head at certain time and carry it back when I need it.
6. Learned to work smartly (dengan amanah, of course) and systematic.

So, after 2 years... Although sometimes I do stay back longer at the office than others, I do not feel under stressed at all. And to conculde that just because I stay back longer than others, doesn't mean that I don't have a life. It means, I choose to spend my life differently that others because my priorities, my goals and my passion towards my work is different.

So people! Be careful with your words...And think wisely before you make statements. Think before you act/speak. Cause you are not he only one living in this world. Everyone has their own style of life and priorities. Learn to respect their style rather than accept. (kadang2 susah nak accept segala2nya...)

Setiap orang adalah arkitek kehidupannya sendiri

Love and peace,


Anonymous said...

yess,i agree wit u..pdasnye kate2 colleague ko tu;( masing2 ade lifestyle sendri kan..jgnla judge sesuka ati gitu!
like me,altho still jobless kan,still living my life even tho pressure from my mum n others,huhu! ganbare^_^

AyinEmran said...

there you go. :)

fieza said...

Thanx friends!

Lega sket lepas luah everything...ganbarukk!!

Anonymous said...

setuju! *tetiba* ihiks

Marliza Radzi said...

"arkitek kehidupannya sendiri" indeed!

Anonymous said...

uis! dh lama tk ngadap blog mung.
org suke kata aku tkde life sebab aku suke dok umah on weekends walopon weekdays ari2 aku keje balik lmbt. aku rasa org yg pikir cmtu adalah yg paling sewel skali kt dunia. yg prasan diri sendiri bagus. so, tkyh laa layan org2 mcm ni. iikaesu no mo jikan no muda..

btw, aku maybe balik GW! jikan tsukutte ^^ mata jyama suru kamo *muahs*