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Thank you Allah for a wonderful 2011 :)

As per title, firstly I should say my thankful prayers to Allah for a wonderful year. There had been ups and downs but mostly, being able to achieve one of my greatest dream.. Alhamdulillah!

2012 year's resolution;

1. To become a better and solehah khalifah, wife, mother and daughter. Increase good deeds especially in giving out alms to those who are in need.

2. To be more grateful and modest especially to my other counterpart side. In specific to be more "lapang dada" at the same time standing up to my rights and beliefs :)

3. With the upcoming business running at full speed in 2012, I am targeting a 40k income/month by June 2012. The main goal for this target is actually to have the job run stable for me automatically after I take my long maternity leave :P

4. Buy land in Klang preferably nearby the new house. Purpose? (quite a long way to go, but am planning to build my own Green House in the future)

5. To become wiser in time management especially between "kewajipan" and "rekreasi"

Ya Allah, you have been kind to me and my family in 2011. Redhakanlah dan Berkatilah kehidupan kami pada tahun hadapan dan masa akan datang di dunia dan di akhirat... Insyaallah. Amin.

May all of you readers out there have a blessed new year~ Amin.

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