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Life Updates

Lama tak update, kan? Bata-bata shite gomen ne! (Maaf ye, saya agak busy)

Little updates on my life;

1. Successfully changed my job! I am a very happy woman/wife/mother. I am still though keeping it a HIMITSU from some parties. I felt as though I am returning to the active & high-spirited me last 4 years when I started my first job @ Cinosanap *yeay*

2. I drive to work! Just like me:4 years ago! It's a 30min journey to my workplace, but my working hours beats all the traffic jams at LDP. *yeay* And I get to have time to make Bentou for me and hubby every working day!

3. Hubby decides to WORK! Somewhere near my workplace. I guess he could handle the Mushroom Farm efficiently on weekends and weekdays. I am so happy for him! I think he's kinda bored with the Mushroom Farm because it doesn't need much work on normal days (Anmari tema ga kakarimasen kara). He's only busy when the cycle time comes, that is after 2 months consecutively. I am currently editing his resume. I asked him, why did he suddenly wants to work. "I want to help you pay for our house" Awwww... (tte temei no sekinin darou! hehehe)

4. I have Didie-chan with me at work! *yeay* I know understand very clearly that to stay long at a company, you first need to have GOOD environment and second you LOVE your work. I felt this differently compared to previous co. Yes, I feel better to go to work. *yeay*

I am very excited that my AL is approved by Ynod. Now, I could peacefully concerntrate on my work. Plus, there's going to be a Call test coming up this Thursday. (Kinchou surukk) Oh, hari ini har Selasa, 25 hb... My last Payday for previous co. Taihen oTsukaresama deshita! $$$

Updates on Yuni? nanti lah saya update dengan lebih berkesan menggunakan Gambar. Ok, nak cerita apa lagi ye?

Oh, I met Masterque here! Most of you might not know, but STFians should know this petite cute girl who was my classmate during Form 4 and Form 5F in JB. Yes, I know, she doesn't remember me... Terukla ko nih... heheh *joking* Chatted a few lines with her yesterday, but didn't have time to meet her in person since, my schedule is tight for Trainings and stuff.

Lots of new and old friends. New experiences. Can't wait to start on the real job. Thank you so much to all of you for supporting me on my life decisions. Yes, your opinions does matter! Thank you! Wish me luck!


HW said...

Best of luck ya!

Kem salam Masterque. Eih, kan jumpa kat reunion hari tu? hihi.


fieza said...

heheh... Thank you!!

nsyaAllah... Tulah.. padahal dah jumpe dah kat reunion arituh :p

fiezaradzi said...

good for you.. mg kerja baik2.. tul.. love our job, then kita leh kerja lama..

Apek said...

Didie chan to issho ka. Naruheso. Shigoto ganbatte ne. Denwa tte igai to tukareru yo?

fieza said...